Coolnut 84150 mAh vs. Coolnut 60000 mAh- Which One Should You Choose?

Coolnut 84150 mAh vs. Coolnut 60000 mAh- Which One Should You Choose?


With technology advancing day by day, we are entering a new digital world where everything is becoming more advanced, just like your watch, which once was an analogue that only showed time and date but today has evolved into a smartwatch that is linked to your mobile and does more functions than just showing the time.

Nowadays, 99% of us own gadgets like earbuds, smartphones, watches, tablets, etc., all of which require charging when the battery is low.

Because of this, there is a high demand for portable power banks with large mAh capacities, quick charging capabilities, and the ability to charge multiple devices at once. Therefore, we will learn about two of our products in this blog: the COOLNUT 60000 mAh Power Bank and the COOLNUT 84150 mAh Power Bank, each of which has unique features and is a multipurpose power bank with a high capacity. The purpose of this blog is to help you choose a power bank that will best suit your charging needs so that you do not end up investing in a Power Bank that does not live up to your expectations.

So let’s begin with our first product: 

Coolnut 60000 mah power bank with wireless charging

it is one of the best power banks you will come across, as it has features that will blow your mind. Firstly, it has a mAh capacity of 60000 mAh, which means that it could charge your mobile phone more times than you could count on your fingers. So imagine how many times it will charge your other devices, all at the same time. This multipurpose power bank is one of its kind, as there are very few high-capacity power banks that have a wireless charging feature and a built-in led torch with white and red illumination.

This is one of the best portable power banks because if you are in a business or profession where you are required to travel a lot, you may have faced situations when you needed to charge your laptop but there was no electric socket available for you to do so. At that moment, you feel very irritated and frustrated, but if you have a laptop power banks that you can use anywhere and anytime to charge your laptop, it saves you from all the hassle.

It has many charging ports, so while charging your laptop simultaneously, you can charge your mobile device or any other device. It also had an led torch, so if you are outdoors on a picnic or hiking and it turns dark, this power bank will act as a high illumination torch.

The rest of the features of this 60000 mAh high-capacity power bank are given in the table below so that you can get more information about this power bank/station.

Specifications of the COOLNUT 60000 mAh Power Bank

  • PRODUCT USAGE: Portable Power Backup for Multiple Devices
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium Ion
  • WATT: 150W
  • CAPACITY: 60000 Milliamp Hrs
  • CHARGING OUTPUT: Wireless & Cable
  • WEIGHT OF PRODUCT: 2.6 Kg (approx.)
  • COLOUR: Black
  • CONNECTIVITY TYPE: Type C port- USB-C1 & USB-C2, USB-A, Cigar Lighter Output- 1
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Android & iOS Smartphones & Tablets, All types of Laptops, DSLR Cameras, Medical Devices, CCTV & more.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Fast charging, wireless charging, multiple charging ports, LED torch (white & red light), & more6

COOLNUT 84150 mAh Power Bank

It includes features that will blow your mind off, making it one of the highest energy batteries you will ever see. Well, first of all, it has a capacity of 84150 mAh, which makes it the ideal portable Fast Charging Power Bank, and you can charge your laptop 2-3 times. With such a high lithium-ion battery capacity, this power bank will simultaneously charge all of your other gadgets. Its key feature is that it has an AC output plug where you can directly plug in your laptop charger to charge your device.

Now, whether you are outdoors, travelling, or if there is no electricity, you need not worry about charging your laptop or other devices. If you are a photographer by profession or work in media, you are mostly out on the shoot, and there will be times when you will need to charge your devices like your DSLR camera, lights, etc.

The Coolnut 84150 mAh Power Bank is all your gadgets’ best friend when you are on the field shooting.

Specifications of the COOLNUT 84150 mAh Power Bank

  • PRODUCT USAGE: Portable Power Station for Multiple Devices
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium Ion
  • WATT: 150W
  • CAPACITY: 84150 Milliamp Hrs
  • WEIGHT OF PRODUCT: 3 Kg (approx.)
  • COLOUR: Black
  • CONNECTIVITY TYPE: Type C port- 1 output, USB-3 outputs, Cigar Lighter Output- 1, AC Output, and DC Input.
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, all types of laptops, DSLR cameras; medical devices, CCTV cameras, and air conditioners.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Fast charging, multiple charging ports, LED torch; and more.


To summarize, we have discussed two high-capacity power banks that can charge all of your devices anywhere and also work efficiently in times of emergency, such as a power outage or charging the car battery. Both have different mAh capacities, so you can compare them and decide which portable power bank fits your needs.

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