Using Power Banks During Flights: Dos and Don’ts

Using Power Banks During Flights: Dos and Don’ts

We can’t live without our smart gadgets!

In today’s time, they have become a type of necessity that helps us in our day-to-day work. It is also a significant source of entertainment when travelling or on the move. We carry our devices like smartphones, earbuds, smartwatches or laptops wherever we go. Many of us travel for work tours or go on vacation trips.

But more gadgets mean more charging cables and adapters, leading to inconvenience. This is why everyone is giving preference to Power Banks as it is very convenient to charge devices anywhere.

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Power Banks on Airplanes: What Rules to Follow

International Air Transport Association (IATA) has considered Lithium-ion Power Banks risky goods. This is because Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density. If not handled correctly, they can pose a risk of fire or explosion.

The Airlines have specific rules and guidelines regarding the usage of power banks during flights. Here’s some information to help you understand the specific rules:

Cabin Luggage vs. Checked Luggage

As per the Aviation Rules, power banks should ‌be carried in your carry-on or cabin luggage rather than the checked baggage. This is because lithium-ion batteries have the tendency to overheat and catch fire. Also, the cabin crew is trained to respond quickly if any problem arises.

Capacity Limits

Some airlines may restrict the capacity (mAh) of power banks you can bring on board. Typically, power banks with a watt hour of 100 Wh or less are allowed on the airline. A power bank with a capacity of 27000 mAh is permitted. The battery capacity limit may depend on the rules of different airline brands.

Cabin Luggage Security Screening

When going through security, it’s a good idea to have your power bank easily accessible. You may be required to remove it from your bag for separate screening. It is advised to make sure it’s charged and turned off during the flight.

Airline-Specific Rules

The rules for carrying a power bank on board may differ from brand to brand. So it’s necessary for you to check with the airlines you are going to travel with. You can always check their websites, or customer service for detailed information on their policies.

International Travel

If you’re travelling internationally, be aware that the rules can vary from country to country. Some countries may have stricter regulations regarding power banks. So it’s a good idea to research the specific rules of your destination as well.

Cabin Crew Instructions

Always follow the instructions provided by the cabin crew regarding the use of electronic devices and power banks during the flight. They are there to ensure the safety of all passengers.

How to Assure Portable Charger Safety?

To ensure safety during your flight, use only high-quality power banks from a reputed manufacturing brand. Make sure they have safety features like overcharge protection and short-circuit protection. Avoid taking power banks on the flight that are damaged or have swollen batteries inside them.

In conclusion

In summary, using power banks during flights is usually allowed. But there are rules and guidelines you have to follow to ensure safety and compliance with airline regulations. Make it a point to check with your specific airline for any unique policies. They may have and always prioritize safety when using electronic devices on an aircraft.

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