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Coolnut Mini UPS Lithium Battery 5000mAh DC UPS for Wifi Routers

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The Coolnut Mini UPS for WiFi routers and other devices can power your WiFi router and broadband modem for up to 8 hours. In case of an electrical blackout or the necessity of generators, a mini UPS serves as an inverter for a WiFi router and broadband modem.

1 Portable
2 Lithium battery 5000mAh
3 Max Output DC 12V5A/19V3.5A/24V 3A Optional
4,Work for CCTV, modem, router etc.
5,Long-backup time,smart chip control,0 transition
6 No switch control, automatically recognize loads to achieve intelligent control and energy saving function.
7,Mains supply takes precedence over battery supply, and the UPS can discharge while being charged.

39 in stock
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Continuous power backup

In the event of power outages, the Mini UPS 5000mAh is the best option for keeping your gadgets charged and prepared. The electronic devices with 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, or 24V can acquire more than 8 hours of continuous power from this high-capacity portable power backup. It also has an integrated smart charger that recognizes the voltage of the connected device automatically and makes the necessary adaptations.

Seamless Usage

The smart Mini UPS 5000mAh is a user-friendly, economical solution to your power woes. It seamlessly switches over to battery power with no lag during a power cut, and is compatible with all major electronic devices including WiFi, Monitor, Digital Camera, LED Light, CCTV, Bridge, PS4, DV, MP3 and so many more. Its smart functionality makes it a smooth experience to use.

Zero Disconnections

In the case of any prolonged power disruptions, this Mini UPS offers either temporary or long-term backup power. To secure your router, it offers a constant, regulated output voltage and has integrated surge protection. This gadget includes premium batteries with an advanced battery management system that guards against deep discharge and overcharging. It also immediately changes to battery mode in the event of a power failure.

Smart Power Indications
Integrated solar charging feature
Advance Protection technology


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Coolnut Mini UPS Lithium Battery 5000mAh DC UPS for Wifi Routers Original price was: ₹3,999.00.Current price is: ₹3,599.00.
39 in stock
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